Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that we are already 1/2 way through this school year.  Here is a link to a quick coaching survey!  THANK YOU for taking a few minutes to complete the 2 questions! ~Karen  

Guided Math Template

Many of you have inquired about guided math in your classroom.  I have been having so much fun with some of you already and super excited about watching this in action in the classroom.  I created a guided math template to share.  Feel free to make a copy and make the changes that will work for you and your learners.  I am MORE THAN glad to partner with you so... Book Me!

Blog Surfing

Many of you know that I am a blog reader and have read blogs long before Pinterest was even invented.  I love to spend time reading and 'surfing' blogs for new ideas and to learn new things.   With all of that being said, here are a couple of blogs that I think you will find worthy of 'surfing'. 

Morning Work Alternatives

Here are a few websites that had ideas for morning work.  Some are for younger grades, but could easily be adapted for the upper grades.  These may not even work for your class, but hopefully by looking at them it will at least spark an idea of something that will work with your learners.  

Wise Guys Morning Work

Morning Work Make Over

Exploration Boxes

Morning Work Tubs

What's The Question

Brain Teasers

Kid Friendly Yoga 

Leader of the Week

Every Wednesday evening by 8:00PM all 
Leader of the Week nominations are due.  
Here is the link to use for the fall semester. 

Bloom's Taxonamy

Here is an updated 

Number Talks

I had the opportunity to learn from Diana Saylak during one of my Instructional Coaching meetings where she presented Number Talks.  Here is the link to her Number Talks Google presentation.  I am more then glad to meet with you individually or as a team to dig deeper into utilizing Number Talks in your classroom.