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The schedules are posted in the Coaches Campsite. Feel free to come see all the different ways to plan your day for guided instruction. So many great ideas, from the best educators, right here! 

My New FAVORITE Blog(s)!

While I do my 'Google' thing I usually come across some pretty amazing blogs.  There always seems to be that one that really catches my attention.  'This Reading Mama' is worth your time to surf for ELAR and small group interventions.  Her blog is organized, easy to read and jam-packed with resources and literature. 

Here it the link to her blog: This Reading Mama 

To help you out a little bit, here are some direct links worth reading.

'The Reading Mama'  partners with 'The Measured Mom'.  She too has some amazing information on her blog.  Here is the link to her blog: The Measured Mom


Guided Reading Part I

Guided Reading Professional Learning Part I

Guided Math Template

Many of you have inquired about guided math in your classroom.  I have been having so much fun with some of you already and super excited about watching this in action in the classroom.  I created a guided math template to share.  Feel free to make a copy and make the changes that will work for you and your learners.  I am MORE THAN glad to partner with you so... Book Me!

Blog Surfing

Many of you know that I am a blog reader and have read blogs long before Pinterest was even invented.  I love to spend time reading and 'surfing' blogs for new ideas and to learn new things.   With all of that being said, here are a couple of blogs that I think you will find worthy of 'surfing'. 

Morning Work Alternatives

Here are a few websites that had ideas for morning work.  Some are for younger grades, but could easily be adapted for the upper grades.  These may not even work for your class, but hopefully by looking at them it will at least spark an idea of something that will work with your learners.  

Wise Guys Morning Work

Morning Work Make Over

Exploration Boxes

Morning Work Tubs

What's The Question

Brain Teasers

Kid Friendly Yoga 

Bloom's Taxonamy

Here is an updated 

Number Talks

I had the opportunity to learn from Diana Saylak during one of my Instructional Coaching meetings where she presented Number Talks.  Here is the link to her Number Talks Google presentation.  I am more then glad to meet with you individually or as a team to dig deeper into utilizing Number Talks in your classroom. 

How to Write a Smart Goal

Here is a simple resource to help with writing a S.M.A.R.T. goal.   I think that this will be very helpful when writing goals for RTI.  As always, please let me know if I can be of help to you. 

S.M.A.R.T. goal formula: 
Here are a few resources that are informative and helpful but not specific to writing SMART goals specifically for RTI. 

Smartsheet Blog
What I Have Learned Blog
How to Write a Smart Goal Video
Smart Goal Setting
SMART goals for Students: Definition and Example

Guided Math

I am super excited about learning more about Guided Math, by Dr. Nicki Newton.  As soon as the book comes I will be sharing with grade levels options for using guided math groups.  Dr. Nicki Newton has a wonderful blog with information and resources available.  

She also has a Pinterest board  as well.


Here are some quick links to 
some Istation resources.

Cycle Descriptions

Istation Books and Passages
Istation reading Scope & Sequence

Istation Padlet

Istation Cycles

Istation Information

  • Classroom Summary Report
Each month learners work on specific skills after the monthly ISIP assessment.  The learner's cycles can be located on your Classroom Summary Report.  On your home page in the bottom left side is the direct link to the Classroom Summary Report.  

There is a section on the Classroom Summary Report that shows the current cycle for each learner.   This cycle information is very helpful while planning learning experiences. 

  • I know my learners' cycles, now what?
Step 1: Go to the Toolbox drop down on your home page  and click on Cycle Descriptions.
Step 2: Go to Istation Reading link. 
Step 3: You have arrived at your destination to the various cycle details.

This is where the skills are listed for each learning cycle. 

Here are some ways to Incorporate the cycle details with learners:
  • Small group instruction 
  • Individually assigned Istation Assignments
  • Intervention support through Teacher Resources
I am more than glad to meet to go more in depth and review data and skills of your learners. This is a powerful resource and teacher friendly too.