Monday, January 29, 2018

Education Rickshaw

Once again I have found an amazing blog, Education Rickshaw,  jam-packed with well-written articles. The blog is written by Stephanie and Zach Groshell who are educators in Sudan. 


Monday, October 30, 2017

Screen Casting

I found this video that is quick and shows how to screencast with the new IOS 11 on the iPads/iPhone.  What a great way to hear your kids read, problem-solve and share their learning!

Have fun!!!


(Here is some helpful information that the Instructional Coaches 
received about Gizmos from Brad Cook CISD DLC.)

Gizmos are standards-aligned online Science & Math simulations for learners and educators to use.
CISD paid for the license for all schools this year.  Some schools already had Gizmos in previous years (because they were Title I).  Now, all CISD Schools (K-12) have access.
Gizmos is accessible from the Explore Learning website.  The website does NOT use SSO(single sign-on) and does not currently sync with Active Directory for logging in.  As of now, Gizmos will not be included on Classlink, because it does not support SSO.  Gizmos do not support a Google Plus login.  Learners and educators will have to set up their logins manually – it is NOT difficult at all.  Here are the directions for setting up an account:  Gizmos login information for CISD
Most of the Gizmos/simulations work fine on an iPad.  There are a few Gizmos which are flash-based, which will not work on an iPad (unless you log in to VMWare).  You can test your system for Gizmos compatibility at Gizmos System Test Page.

How to Dig for Data

  • P  Predict
  • O Observe
  • I  Infer
  • D Do Differently

  • How often do you use the data to make adjustments on the fly?
  • How often do you share and compare your data?

  • Before looking at the data what do we expect it will tell us?
  • On your own, make predictions
  • Share with your team

  • On our own first, look at the data
  • Make observations (no judgments)
  • Share observations
  • Gain better understandings of the data from multiple points of view

  • On your own first, make personal inferences based on observations
  • Discuss areas of strength and areas of concern (don’t take it personally)
  • Highlight areas to target
  • Use this information to develop SMART goals.

Do Differently:
  • Take action based on what the evidence tells you

How do you ensure COLLABORATION, not just CO-BLAB-ORATION?

Coppell Book Clubs Schoology Course

There is a great CISD Schoology course titled 'Coppell Book Clubs'.  Here you can find novel studies that have already been created for your book clubs through the Schoology platform.  What is even better is that they are already divided by Lexile.  This is a great resource to use during your guided instruction time with your learners.

Login into Coppell ISD's Schoology website and use this access code to join the group. 

Where Can it Be?

Ever wonder where to find documents but get so overwhelmed with remembering where to find them? I have good news for you! CISD has created a site where you can find important "Curriculum and Instruction" documents.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

CCE Gone Pinterest

The schedules are posted in the Coaches Campsite. Feel free to come see all the different ways to plan your day for guided instruction. So many great ideas, from the best educators, right here! 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My New FAVORITE Blog(s)!

While I do my 'Google' thing I usually come across some pretty amazing blogs.  There always seems to be that one that really catches my attention.  'This Reading Mama' is worth your time to surf for ELAR and small group interventions.  Her blog is organized, easy to read and jam-packed with resources and literature. 

Here it the link to her blog: This Reading Mama 

To help you out a little bit, here are some direct links worth reading.

'The Reading Mama'  partners with 'The Measured Mom'.  She too has some amazing information on her blog.  Here is the link to her blog: The Measured Mom


Guided Reading Part I

Guided Reading Professional Learning Part I

Education Rickshaw

Once again I have found an amazing blog, Education Rickshaw ,  jam-packed with well-written articles. The blog is written by Stephanie and Z...